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By Lambert Strether of Corrente.


“The window for passing the Trump administration’s renegotiated trade deal with Mexico and Canada may be closing. U.S. lawmakers worry that progress on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, could fade against political priorities in the coming election year if negotiations in Washington over the pact don’t conclude soon” [Wall Street Journal]. “Democrats and the administration are at odds over how to ensure that new labor rules in USMCA are enforced, a priority for U.S. unions aiming to deter companies from moving production. There’s little progress so far, although U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer met with lawmakers on Wednesday.”



“But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?” –James Madison, Federalist 51

“They had one weapon left and both knew it: treachery.” –Frank Herbert, Dune

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Alert reader dk (not to be confused with DK) is in the process of developing the following interactive chart. Here is (are) the latest Dem Primary Polling as of 10/25/2019, 11:00 AM EDT:

This time I didn’t smooth the results by averaging over seven days. So, with a more and bigger poll, maybe we’ll see if Biden is undergoing a blip, or a nosedive.

And here are the latest results:

dk went ahead and added states, which as readers know have smaller samples and are less frequent. Since IA was Tuesday, NH Wednesday, NV, as of 10/25/2019, here’s CA as of 10/25/2019, 11:00 AM EDT:

Warren, Sanders, Biden (!). What a debacle for Harris. It turns out that the Hamptons have wretched political judgment. What a shocker! And the latest result:

Note the tiny, tiny samples in the state polls.

I think dk has started a really neat project, and in the near future we’ll seek your feedback (within reason) for the tool “live.”

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Biden (D)(1): “In A Reversal, Joe Biden Wants A Super PAC” [HuffPo]. “Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign said Thursday it would welcome help from a super PAC, a total reversal from Biden’s stance at the beginning of the campaign and a decision reflecting his diminished standing in the race…. Many Democrats view super PACs, which can raise and spend unlimited sums and often rely on checks of tens of thousands of dollars from wealthy donors for funding, as a malignant force that represents a big-money era of politics the party is nominally dedicated to ending…. The Biden campaign said President Donald Trump’s false attacks on the former vice president made it necessary for it to welcome the help of a super PAC.”

Buttigieg (D)(1):

Don’t throw away your shot! Please chip in any amount now to be automatically entered to win tickets for you and a guest to see Hamilton with my husband Chasten. Flights and hotel are on us.

— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) October 18, 2019


Ryan (D)(1): “Tim Ryan drops out of 2020 presidential race” [The Hill]. “In the video, titled “Giving Voice to the Forgotten,” Ryan said ‘I’ll be returning home to my family and friends and community in Ohio to run for reelection for my congressional seat.’ The filing deadline for primary candidates in Ohio is Dec. 16.”

Sanders (D)(1): Sanders and elders:

This is an amazing clip from @majorityreport try it. Helped me turn 6 seniors that were for Biden and warren to Bernie pic.twitter.com/m1ZfKvRmZz

— Vozable.com | Noah Rousseau (@Vozable) October 20, 2019

And speaking of elders, Lambert here: An alert reader tossed a brilliant suggestion over the transom, addressed to the Sanders campaign. Here it is:

To reach elders, the Sanders campaign should include MeTV — “America’s #1 Classic Television Network” — in its Air War arsenal, and sooner rather than later. If The Sanders campaign wants to reach voters who watch Perry Mason re-runs regularly, or the Big Valley, or the Flintstones — and it should! — this is the network for them. “As of November 2017, MeTV has current or pending affiliation agreements with 203 television stations in over 185 television markets encompassing all 50 states the District of Columbia, and the border regions of Canada, covering approximately 92.54% of the United States; this makes MeTV the largest subchannel network by population reach percentage.” I don’t have a rate card, but I hear you can actually pick up some Me TV stations on rabbit ears! So some MeTV media buys should be thrifty. The reader was concerned that the youth focus of the Sanders campaign would bypass voters who are never going to use the Sanders app, because they have flip phones, and who won’t see the videos that the Sanders media operation puts out, because they aren’t heavy Internet users (and may not have good connections). In terms of messaging, it seems to me that a Perry Mason watcher would be very amenable to the retro aspect of the Sanders campaign: Returning the Democratic Party to its roots in the New Deal of FDR’s time, just better. Like Medicare with vision, dental, pharma coverage, no complexity, and above all no co-pays or deductibles or monthly payments. Also, give Social Security a boost. In fact, an ad done in black and white, Perry Mason-style (including the musical theme) might even play well with the youth!

Sanders (D)(2): At a NewsMax (!) town hall:

“The function of the health care system… is to make huge profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies, and I’m gonna put an end to that as President.” – @BernieSanders #NewsmaxTownHall pic.twitter.com/DAu8j7c7OL

— Newsmax (@newsmax) October 25, 2019

Sanders (D)(3): “Bernie Sanders, returning to Iowa after heart attack, claims no lost momentum” [Des Moines Register]. “There is one week until the Iowa Democratic Party’s Liberty and Justice dinner — a key event that has acted as a turning point in the sprint to Caucus Day — and there are just over three months until the caucuses…. However, the latest Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll showed him slipping from second to third place behind U.S. Sen Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and former Vice President Joe Biden. ‘Today, your poll is good; tomorrow, it’s bad,’ Sanders said, dismissing the often up-and-down nature of presidential polling. ‘At the end of the day, especially in a caucus state, the results will be determined by one factor, and that is voter turnout. And I think we have the capability of bringing out our supporters in very large numbers, and I think we stand a great chance to win here in Iowa.’” • We’ll see!

Warren (D)(1): “Warren cutting into Biden’s lead in new SC 2020 Democratic poll” [Post and Courier]. “Biden’s lead in South Carolina, which had hovered around 20 percentage points since the summer, has shrunk… Biden received 30 percent to Warren’s 19 percent. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 13 percent and California Sen. Kamala Harris at 11 percent are the only two other candidates with double-digit results in South Carolina…. The biggest gains in the latest poll came from fifth- and sixth-place contenders, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.” • Everybody loves a winner, but the gains in the third tier show SC is still fluid (though perhaps not a firewall for Biden).

Warren (D)(2):

Warren defining “structural change”: Strong unions, wealth tax.

Crowd chanting: “Eat the rich! Eat the rich!” pic.twitter.com/cj91ZzPPd0

— Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) August 20, 2019

Yet another case where Warren’s problem statement isn’t commensurate with the proposed solution….


“Republicans criticize House impeachment process — while fully participating in probe” [WaPo]. “Then the questions begin to fly, largely from the expert staff hired by lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee and other panels participating in the probe. Each side gets an equal amount of questions, as dictated by long-standing House rules guiding these interviews. ‘It starts one hour, one hour,’ said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), explaining how the questioning moves beyond one-hour blocks for each side. ‘Then it goes 45, 45, 45, 45, with breaks, occasionally, and breaks for lunch.’ Meadows, one of Trump’s staunchest allies, said each side has been allowed an unlimited amount of questions they can ask of witnesses.’… Those participating in the closed-door depositions generally say that these interviews are very professional and that both sides have operated under rules that were approved in January.” • As I’ve said, I don’t like the policy on transcripts, and my litmus test for legitimacy is that there’s no secret evidence at all. I don’t much like that Republicans can’t subpeona witnesses, either.

The Debate

“MSNBC names four renowned female journalists as moderators for November debate” [NBC]. “Moderating the Nov. 20 event, which is being co-hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post, will be Rachel Maddow, host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC; Andrea Mitchell, host of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC and NBC News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent; Kristen Welker, NBC News’ White House correspondent; and Ashley Parker, a White House reporter for The Washington Post.” • The count of journalists is off by at least one.


The DNC really poisoned the well by making pollsters into players. Now there’s no room for accidents:

I’m done with Quinnipiac. It’s getting the Rasmussen/Civiqs treatment going forward. Just had it pointed out to me that they had Mayor Pete at at 12% with the 18-34 vote.

mayor Pete’s average with that group in all other polls?

— Greg C (Bernie 2020) (@greg06897) October 24, 2019

Realignment and Legitimacy

“From Beverly Hills to Miami Beach: who are America’s richest zip codes backing in 2020?” [Guardian]. “Americans who live in the country’s 20 wealthiest zip codes have donated the most to the moderate Democratic presidential candidates Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Booker and Joe Biden, a Guardian analysis of presidential campaign finance filings for the first nine months of 2019 found. The vast majority of the fundraising from the 20 wealthy areas went to Democrats. Residents of these bastions of actual limousine liberals – including Westchester, New York, Beverly Hills, and Greenwich, Connecticut – have ponied up nearly $880,000 for Senator Harris and nearly $600,000 for Mayor Buttigieg. Booker and the former vice-president Biden raised more than half a million dollars each. Donald Trump cashed his share of checks, too. The president raised more than $500,000 in total across the 20 locales, and was the top recipient in three: Palm Beach, Florida; Newport Beach, California; and Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump spends significant time at his private club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach and his golf club in Bedminster. Meanwhile, the senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are among the frontrunners nationally, have amassed the largest campaign war chests of all the Democratic candidates while refusing to hold high-dollar fundraisers and calling for higher taxes on the wealthy. Their aversion to the rich appears to be reciprocal.”

Stats Watch

Consumer Sentiment, October 2019 (Final): “Consumer sentiment fell back in the latter half of October compared to the first half but still showed solid improvement from September” [Econoday]. “Current conditions are the big plus for October… Expectations also improved…. A clear negative in the report, at least for Federal Reserve policy makers who are trying to give a lift to inflation, is weakness in inflation expectations.”

Retail: “Expanding its own shipping services is taking a toll on Amazon.com Inc.’s bottom line. The e-commerce market leader’s profit fell 26% in the third quarter even as revenue grew 24%… as world-wide shipping costs soared 46%” [Wall Street Journal]. “The $9.6 billion in shipping expenses was even more than Amazon spent in last year’s busy fourth quarter and a sign of the tumultuous changes underway in the company’s logistics operations as it handles more of its own packages. Amazon is taking on those costs as it rolls out one-day shipping for Prime subscribers, promising to bring its best customers faster and cheaper delivery. In The results suggest that Amazon is struggling like other retailers and parcel carriers to cope with the costs of e-commerce delivery, but it’s not slowing the company down.”

The Bezzle: “Leaked transcript: Read what WeWork’s new chairman told anxious employees at an all-hands meeting” [ReCode]. Marcelo Claure, SoftBank’s COO and the former CEO of Sprint, at an all hands meeting. The choicest bit: “Layoffs, it’s in everybody’s mind, layoff, severance, right? I don’t have all the answers. I wrote you a letter yesterday. Are there going to be layoffs? Yes. How many? I don’t know. It’s day one. But what I will guarantee you is whoever is asked to leave this family is going to do … We’re going to make sure that they leave with dignity, that we’re taking proper care of them, and that we’re rewarding them for them having taken a chance on WeWork. For the ones that stay, we’re going to give you total transparency. You’re going to be a partner. We’re going to figure out a way how you share in whatever we create together, in all of the value that we create together. We’re going to be realistic about valuations. We’re going to be very honest about how much this company’s worth.” • That will be a change!

Tech: “Smart home tech can help evict renters, surveillance company tells landlords” [CNET]. “A smart intercom company called Teman GateGuard has been pitching its surveillance technology to landlords in New York as a way to sidestep rent-control regulations in the city, according to emails reviewed by CNET. The email’s subject line says, ‘GateGuard: 3 Steps to de-stabilize NYC units — even after the new law!” and opens with the sentence, ‘You CAN raise rents in NYC!’… ‘Use the GateGuard AI Doorman Intercom to catch illegal sublets, non-primaries, Airbnbs, so you can vacate a unit,’ GateGuard’s sales team wrote in the email. ‘Combine a $950/mo studio and a $1400/mo one-bedroom into a $4200 DEREGULATED two-bedroom.’ … [Ari Teman] founded GateGuard in 2016, after he started SubletSpy.com to help landlords find Airbnbs and sublets hosted in their buildings. He was inspired to create the SubletSpy website after he rented his own apartment on Airbnb in 2014 and it was used for an orgy that cost him over $23,000 in damages.” • Unintended consequences of disruption…

Tech: “Amazon Ring: Home Safety Device or Ohio Civil Rights Concern?” [Cleveland Scene]. “Homeowners use Ring to record video of anyone who comes to their front doors. Police officers are then coached by Amazon to request access to the private videos. Malachi Robinson, campaign director of the civil rights advocacy group Color of Change, one of the organizations that signed the letter, says that could lead to abuses of civil liberties…. Robinson says once the surveillance footage is collected without a warrant, law enforcement can use it to conduct facial recognition searches, target teenagers for minor drug possession or share it with other agencies such as ICE.”

Tech: “Google and IBM Clash Over Milestone Quantum Computing Experiment” [Quanta]. “In their new paper, Google demonstrated that their 53-qubit quantum computer performs a certain specialized computation (called “random circuit sampling” — see our recent explainer for more details) in fast polynomial time. Meanwhile, there’s no evidence that any classical computer can perform the same task in anything better than slow exponential time. That’s far more important than the time frame involved… What matters is that Google’s machine is solving a computational problem in a fundamentally different way than a classical computer can. This difference means that every time its quantum computer grows by even a single qubit [quantum bits], a classical computer will have to double in size to keep pace. By the time a quantum computer gets to 70 qubits — likely within the next couple of years — a classical supercomputer would need to occupy the area of a city to keep up.” • Maybe Google could use all that power to build a decent search engine. What are the odds?

Tech: “Google Says New AI-Powered Search Update Is ‘Huge Step Forward’” [Bloomberg]. “Google is injecting its search engine with new technology to better interpret the billions of web queries it handles every day, a change top executives described as one of the most significant in the company’s history. This shift, announced Friday, moves the world’s biggest search engine from spitting out results based on keywords to ‘something closer to language,’ said Ben Gomes, the search chief for Alphabet Inc.’s Google. ‘We’re very far from solving the problem fully, but this is a huge step forward,’ he said at a press briefing. Google has no peers in web search.” • We’ll wait to see if this “step forward” reverses the crapification of Google search. I’m guessing no.

Today’s Fear & Greed Index: 62 Greed (previous close: 57, Greed) [CNN]. One week ago: 50 (Neutral). (0 is Extreme Fear; 100 is Extreme Greed). Last updated Oct 25 at 1:02pm.

The Biosphere

“Exxon Hid ‘Catastrophic’ Climate Prediction, State Suit Says” [Industry Week]. “Exxon Mobil Corp.(IW500/1) was sued by Massachusetts for allegedly hiding its early knowledge of climate change from the public and misleading investors about the future financial impact of global warming, two days after a trial started on similar claims in New York… According to the complaint, Irving, Texas-based Exxon went so far as to disregard the findings of one of its own scientists, who decades ago correctly predicted the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in 2019 and said that climate change would become “catastrophic.’”

“Booming Green Power Not Enough to Meet Climate Targets, IEA Says” [Bloomberg]. “‘Renewables are already the world’s second largest source of electricity,’ said Fatih Birol, the [International Energy Agency (IEA)’s executive director]. ‘But their deployment still needs to accelerate if we are to achieve long-term climate, air quality and energy access goals.’ As countries in China, Europe and the U.S. increase deployment of wind turbines and solar panels, the share of renewables in global power generation will rise to 30% in 2024, up from 26% now, the IEA said…. A majority of those gains, about 60%, will be achieved by solar power. Costs of both utility-scale and distributed solar PV generation are expected to decline as much as 35% by 2024. That will help make costs of utility-scale solar plants equal to or cheaper than new fossil fuel plants in some countries.”

“Navajo company shuts coal mine in dispute over sovereignty” [Wild About Trial]. “One of the largest coal mines in the U.S. was indefinitely shuttered Thursday in a dispute over whether its new owner should be immune as a tribal entity from future lawsuits for environmental violations or reclamation costs. The Navajo Transitional Energy Company blamed the state of Montana for the impasse over the Spring Creek Mine near Decker. Its executives said they were standing up for the company’s sovereign rights as an entity wholly-owned by the Navajo Nation…. “NTEC (Navajo Transitional Energy Company) will not operate Spring Creek until such a fully-effective, complete and approved waiver has been agreed upon,” wrote Matthew Dorrington, coal program supervisor at Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality. The main area of disagreement between the state and company is a Montana law that allows citizens to file lawsuits over alleged violations of reclamation rules, according to the letter.” • Hmm.

“Democrats Criticize Trump For Attacking Greta Thunberg Instead Of Praising Her Bravery, Ignoring Her Later” [The Onion]. Said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: “‘I want to say right now to Ms. Thunberg that Donald Trump’s dismissive comments do not represent the country as a whole. I assure you that the next time you want to speak to leaders who could benefit from being associated with climate activism, the Democratic party is here for you as long as the cameras are rolling and not a second longer.’ Hoyer went on to condemn Fox News for launching ad hominem attacks against Thunberg instead of merely criticizing her proposals as unrealistic and anti-business.”


“The promise of the Yazoo Pumps” [Southerly]. “Even if the Yazoo Pumps are revived, it could be decades before work begins again; there is currently a nearly $100 billion backlog in Army Corps infrastructure projects. People on both sides of the argument told me they figure the pumps, in the end, might never be built.” • Worth a read to understand something of water projects on the lower Mississippi. I don’t see a happy ending for anybody.

Health Care

“The Urban Institute’s Single Payer Cost Estimate: False Assumptions False Conclusions” [David U. Himmelstein, M.D., and Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H., PNHP]. The Urban Institute study was instantly signal-boosted by CNN, the Hill, and The Atlantic, among others, and seems to have led to the “pay for” questions in the last debate, and Warren taking on the task — not planned already? — of writing a tax proposal for whatever she determines Medicare for All to actually be. “Administrative savings, Part 1: The UI report assumes that single-payer reform would reduce insurance overhead to 6% of claims ($234 billion) from the current level of about 10.6%. In contrast, overhead in Canada’s single-payer system is only 1.8%, and overhead in the fee-for-service Medicare program is 2%. The UI group justifies its 6% estimate by claiming that a single payer system “…would require a host of administrative functions to effectively operate, such as rate setting for many different providers and services of different types; quality control over care provision; development, review, and revision of regulations; provider oversight and standards enforcement; claims payments to providers; and other functions.” UI’s claim ignores the fact that all of these functions are currently carried out by both Canada’s program and برنامه Medicare هزینه خدمات. “• این یک اقدام بی رحمانه از مطالعه موسسه شهری است ، که شما باید آن را کامل بخوانید. p>

“آنچه هنوز بحث مراقبت های بهداشتی اشتباه می شود” [آدام گفنی ، بررسی بوستون ]. “[کلیه بنای اصلاحات او [اوباماکار ACO” بر روی شن ساخته شده است. کاملاً ساده ، ما به عنوان یک کشور ، در واقع از مراقبت های بهداشتی زیادی استفاده نمی کنیم. در هر صورت ، ما از سایر کشورها با درآمد بالا از خدمات کمتری استفاده می کنیم. در حالی که “استفاده بیش از حد” در حقیقت ممکن است یک مشکل اساسی در برخی زمینه ها باشد (و چه کسی یک برش غیر ضروری از پوست سر را می خواهد؟) ، اما نمی تواند ، صرفاً به عنوان یک حسابداری اساسی ، کل هزینه های خارج از نمودار ما را توضیح دهد. به طور خاص ، نمی تواند این واقعیت را به خود اختصاص دهد که ما بر اساس برآوردهای انجام شده بیش از 10،000 دلار برای سرانه مراقبت های بهداشتی – تقریباً دو برابر کانادا – و نه برای تقریباً شش برابر افزایش هزینه های مراقبت های بهداشتی تعدیل شده از تورم از سال 1970 تا 2017 انجام داده ایم. بنیاد خانواده کایزر در کل ، مشکل هزینه واقعی نیمی دیگر از معادله هزینه بوده است: نه مقدار خدمات ارائه شده پزشکی ، بلکه قیمت هایی که توسط بیمه گذاران برای هر واحد مراقبت ارائه شده پرداخت می شود. پس چه می تواند؟ معلوم می شود که مشکل هزینه واقعی ، نیمی از معادله هزینه نیز بوده است: نه مقدار خدمات ارائه شده پزشکی ، بلکه قیمت هایی که توسط بیمه گذاران برای هر واحد مراقبت ارائه می شود. این بینش ساده اما بسیار مهم اغلب به اقتصاددان افسانه ای سلامت Uwe Reinhardt نسبت داده می شود. ”

“نسل جدیدی از پزشکان فعال برای همه داروهای پزشکی می جنگند” [ زمان ]. “[تراویس سینگلتون ، معاون اجرایی رئیس مریت هاوکینز] ، که این شرکت تحقیق می کند بررسی دوسالانه از نظرات پزشکان ، می گوید که در حالی که دلایل بی شماری برای سرپیچی درگیری سیاسی وجود دارد ، یکی از قانع کننده ترین ساده است: پزشکان مشاهده می کنند. اختلال عملکرد سیستم مراقبت های بهداشتی روزانه. با افزایش هزینه های مراقبت های بهداشتی و گسترش صنعت بیمه خصوصی ، کار پزشک تغییر یافت. شركت سینگلتون به جای اینكه فقط بیماران را معالجه كند ، پزشكان امروز باید با الزامات بیمه نبرد كنند ، سیستم های بازپرداخت قوسی و هزینه های عظیم اداری را مدیریت كنند. Beatrix Hoffman ، استاد تاریخ در دانشگاه ایلینویز شمالی ، توضیح می دهد که بیشتر این نتیجه مستقیمی از مخالفت اولیه پزشکان با اصلاح مراقبت های بهداشتی است. او با عقب نشینی علیه دخالت دولت می گوید ، پزشكان سیستمی را ایجاد كردند كه هم اكنون تحت تأثیر بیمه خصوصی است. اسکات سوارتز ، دانشجوی پزشکی 28 ساله در سانفرانسیسکو می گوید: “ما از پزشکانی شنیده ایم که بسیاری از داستان های وحشتناک راجع به ساعت تلفن با تلفن برای مذاکره با شرکت های بیمه پیش آمده است.” “اینگونه نیست که بخواهیم وقت خود را بگذرانیم.” همه این عوامل ترکیب شده اند تا سیاست پزشکان را به سمت چپ سوق دهند. “• اما بیماران عاشق em> شرکتهای بیمه خود هستند. درست است؟

“ما بیش از 700 پزشک پیدا کردیم که بیش از یک میلیون دلار توسط شرکت های دارویی و دستگاه های پزشکی پرداخت شده اند” [ Pro Publica ] . ProPublica گفت: “در سال 2013 ، ProPublica آنچه را كه به نظر می رسد تحول خیره کننده ای در صنعت داروسازی برای به دست آوردن لنت های پزشكان كشور است ، توصیف كرد: فقط در چهار سال ، یك پزشك 1 میلیون دلار درآمد داشت تا بتواند گفتگوی تبلیغاتی و مشاوره ای را برای شركت های دارویی انجام دهد. 21 نفر دیگر بیش از 500،000 دلار ساخته بودند. شش سال بعد – علی رغم غالباً نظارت دقیق از دادستان ها و دانشگاهیان – چنین درآمد بالایی امری عادی شده است. بیش از 2500 پزشک تنها در 5 سال گذشته حداقل نیم میلیون دلار از داروخانه ها و شرکت های تولیدکننده تجهیزات پزشکی دریافت کرده اند ، تجزیه و تحلیل جدید ProPublica از داده های پرداخت را نشان می دهد. و این شامل پول برای تحقیق و یا حق امتیاز از اختراعات نیست. “

مطبوعات مشهور آزاد ما strong>

“رئیس گفت: آن را اجرا کنید.” ”

داستان در صفحه اول مترو بخش روزنامه متعلق به ثروتمندترین مرد جهان. https://t.co/CCBk04NOAK pic.twitter.com/RfPszMYjvu

– Alec MacGillis (AlecMacGillis)

“روپرت مرداک خواست مارک زاکربرگ را به او برای اخبار خبری بپردازد – و اکنون فیس بوک نیز همین کار را خواهد کرد” [ ReCode ]. “بخش اخبار فیس بوک … به برخی ناشران ، مانند News Corp ، میلیون ها دلار در سال برای انتشار روزنامه نگاری خود در فیس بوک در اختیار فیس بوک قرار می دهد … فیس بوک روز جمعه بخش خبری خود را به عنوان” آلفا “راه اندازی می کند ، در دسترس برای دو صد هزار کاربر آمریکایی ؛ برای چند ماه منتشر نمی شود … کاربرانی که بر روی نماد کلیک می کنند ، عناوین مربوط به تعداد انگشت شماری از داستانهای برتر را که توسط ویراستاران فیس بوک انتخاب شده اند – از شرکایی مانند Wall Street Journal (متعلق به News Corp) ، Business Insider و BuzzFeed مشاهده می کنند و یک انتخاب شخصی از عناوین انتخاب شده توسط نرم افزار الگوریتمی فیس بوک. با کلیک بر روی این عناوین ، کاربران به سایت های ناشران ارسال می شوند ، جایی که کاربران فیس بوک می توانند کل داستان را به صورت رایگان بخوانند. و در حالی که سایتهایی که دارای مدلهای مشاغل مبتنی بر اشتراکی هستند ، مجبورند کاربران فیسبوک را بدون پرداخت هزینه ، مقالات شخصی را مشاهده کنند ، آنها قادر خواهند بود تا پرداخت های خود را عمدتاً دست نخورده نگه دارند: اگر از طریق بخش اخبار فیس بوک ، روی مقاله Wall Street Journal کلیک کنید. قادر به خواندن آن یک داستان خواهید بود ، اما اگر روی قطعه بعدی WSJ کلیک کنید ، از شما خواسته می شود تا پرداخت کنید … .. برنامه Zuckerberg که جمعه اعلام می کند بسیار ساده به نظر می رسد: فیس بوک به ناشران برای کارهایی که از قبل انجام داده اند پرداخت می کند و سپس با این سکو به اشتراک بگذارید ، و این بدان معنی است که سود خالص است. ”• من می خواهم به عکسهای روی صفحه نمایش و هرگونه عکس العمل از طرف خوانندگان NC که (هنوز) از Facebook استفاده می کنند علاقه مند به این خوکچه هندی برای این برنامه باشم. آدرس ایمیل من در زیر است. p>

اخبار سیم strong>

“یک قانون قدرت ادراک مغز را متعادل نگه می دارد” [ Quanta ]. جالب است ، اگرچه با استثناء نادر (در بالا) من Quanta را تقریباً غیرممکن می دانم!

“Sonic Episteme” [ جستجوی جدید ]. من مطمئن نیستم که این یک تقلید طعنه است یا نه. p>

“شیفتگی مارک زاکربرگ با آگوستوس سزار ممکن است مدل موهای مدیر عامل فیس بوک را توضیح دهد” = “nofollow” target = “_ خالی”> Business Insider ]. “فیس بوک به درخواست Business Insider برای اظهارنظر درمورد جایی که زوکربرگ الهام بخش کار خود را پاسخ نداد ، پاسخ داد ، بنابراین اگرچه ما مطمئناً نمی دانیم ، این احتمال وجود دارد که قطع های سزارها منبع باشند.” • شرکت تایرل در ادغام برداشت مشکل دارد. فولیکول های انسانی با گوشت مصنوعی اندرویدی. این مشکل واقعی در مورد خط موی زاکربرگ است.

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خوانندگان ، در صورت تمایل با من در لامبرت [UNDERSCORE] کشش [DOT] corrente [AT] yahoo [DOT] com ، با (a) پیوندها ، و حتی بهتر (ب) از منابع باید بطور منظم سرپرستی کنم ، (c) چگونه به من چک بزنید که آیا به PayPal حساسیت دارید ، و (d) برای اینکه دریابید که چگونه می توانید از گیاهان برای من ارسال کنید. سبزیجات خوب هستند! قارچ ها و مرجان ها گیاهان افتخاری به حساب می آیند! اگر می خواهید دسته شما به عنوان اعتبار ظاهر شود ، لطفاً آن را در ابتدای نامه خود در پرانتز قرار دهید: (بدین ترتیب). در غیر این صورت با استفاده از مقدمات شما ناشناس خواهم شد. کولر آبی قبلی (با گیاه) اینجا را مشاهده کنید. گیاه امروز (IM):

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IM می نویسد: “برگها اکنون در حال پوسیدگی هستند. Hornbeam با پشتیبان ردیف قدیمی! “

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خوانندگان strong>: کولر آبی یک موجود مستقل نیست em> است که تحت تأثیر بودجه سالانه NC (که اخیراً نتیجه گرفته است) است. با تشکر از شما همه em> بسیار!) به یاد داشته باشید ، یک شیشه نوک برای نوک زدن است! بنابراین اگر پیوندی را مشاهده می کنید که به خصوص دوست دارید ، یا موردی را که در هیچ جای دیگر مشاهده نمی کنید ، لطفاً از ابراز قدردانی خود به شکل ملموس دریغ نکنید. بازخورد منظم هر دو باعث می شود احساس خوبی داشته باشم و به من این امکان را بدهم که می دانم در مسیر صحیح با پوشش هستم . وقتی پنج یا ده روز دیگر هیچ اهدا مالی دریافت نمی کنم ، نگران می شوم. به طور واضح تر ، یک ترفند مداوم از کمک های مالی به من در هزینه کمک می کند و من هنگام تعیین هدف های جمع آوری سرمایه ، در این ترفند نقش دارم:

در اینجا صفحه نمایش داده می شود ، که من به راحتی آنرا یادداشت کردم.

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اگر از PayPal متنفر هستید ، می توانید به من در lambert [UNDERSCORE] کشش [DOT] corrente [AT] yahoo [DOT] com ایمیل بفرستید ، و من در مورد نحوه ارسال چک به شما دستور می دهم. با تشکر از شما!

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