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gay parship man looking for man

online dating at gayParship

Dating online is easy and the threshold is slightly lower than appealing to someone in a bar or discotheque.

But you also know for sure that everyone is actually looking for a relationship!

Moreover, you are anonymous.

GayParship has a unique match method with a personality test.

At GayParship we look at various aspects that are important for a long-term and happy relationship. In this way no more coincidence is just a choice!, like the normal parship, has the home shopping guarantee and is affiliated with the safe dating certificate.

The quality mark makes that we judge this dating site as reliable.

After all, the dating sites that have joined here must meet a number of conditions that greatly increase the safety and reliability for members.

Would you like to read more about this quality mark?

Read more about it in our blogs.

Gay dating site for everyone!

Gay parship is a dating site not only for highly educated gays and lesbians.

Recently, this dating site is targeting all types of gay singles!

Perhaps this is somewhat confusing because parship in the past exclusively focused on highly educated people.

This time is therefore over!

The dating site site offers single gays and lesbians in thirteen different countries a unique matching method with a personality test.

Logging in is easy, but it does take some time because you have to answer a lot of questions.

The answers to these questions will help you find a contact that best fits your character and wishes.

Do you want to try GayParship?

Sign up for free and start today with online gay dating!

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Women looking for women

gayparship woman looking for a woman


Are you a woman and are you looking for a woman for a relationship?

This is your chance!

The singles who register with GayParship are, after all, just like you looking for a serious relationship.

Thanks to the personality test you can also find that nice, handsome and sweet woman that suits you!

On these dating sites you will find many lesbians who are looking for a nice contact or cozy date.

See what wonderful people this gay dating site has for you >>

Men looking for men

gay dating gay men couple gay pride amsterdam

Even if you are a man and looking for a relationship with a man, this dating site helps you to get in touch with an appropriate person.

The members of Gay parship are spontaneous, sweet and / or attractive men from all over the Netherlands.

So also in your area!

Try GayParship now >>



Registering with is completely free!

By going through a number of steps you can create your own profile.

This gives you an excellent idea of ​​the operation of the matching system.

Of course you can only make limited use of the dating website with a free membership, but you probably expected that too! Nevertheless, registering is a good first step to your first online date!



Gay parship costs subscription

price 6 months

€ 44,90 p.m.
  • Full Membership

price 12 months

€ 39,90 p.m.
  • Full Membership

price 24 months

€24,90 p.m.
  • Full Membership


  • Free Membership

The cheapest Gay parship subscription costs € 19.90 per month.

And has a term of 24 months. Registration is free!

The current price of Gay parship can now be changed.

We always try to inform our visitors as carefully as possible.

If you have found a mistake in the price of Gay parship.

Please contact us and we will adjust the price as soon as possible.

Cancel Gay parship

Often people find it difficult or unclear how to cancel an account at a dating site.

We are happy to help you find the right dating site, but you are also happy to be of service when you want to sign out again.

That is why we describe step-by-step how to cancel a subscription for the most popular dating sites.

Do you have a relationship or are you dissatisfied with dating site Gay parship?

We help you by canceling your GAY Parship account through a number of simple steps.

This tutorial is based on the normal version of parship.

 Free cancellation Gay parship

Log in to Gay parship and then click on the following link.

Log In To Gay parship

In this screen you must then enter your password.

This password may already be entered for you.

Now click on the button “Delete profile”. Your profile is now removed from Gay parship!

This is the fastest way to cancel your membership.

To get to this screen yourself you have to complete the following steps:

Click on data and settings
Click on the word “here” under the heading profile status.
Click here to permanently delete your profile.
In the next screen you have to enter your password. This password may already be entered for you.
Now click on the button “Delete profile”
Direct link:

Paid member terminating Gay parship (premium member)

You can unsubscribe as a paying member in several ways.

The most accessible way is to do this via the contact form.

For this you first have to log in to your parship account. Then click on the following link to open the form.


After your deregistration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation on the e-mail address that you used to sign up for Gay parship.

Other ways to cancel your membership are by mail, fax or by email directly to GayParship.

If you use one of these ways, it is important to mention your parship code.

Canceling Gay parship by post
parship GmBH
Customer Service Netherlands
Speersort 10
D-20095 Hamburg

Canceling Gay parship by fax
+49 (0) 40 4600 26 164

Canceling Gay parship by e-mail

Note: the cancellation period for Gay parship is 28 days before the end of the current term.

Gay Dating Apps

Gay boys talk about online dating: about lust and love on the internet, gay dating apps like Grindr and sex via the webcam.

Tips for using apps

There are all kinds of websites and apps on the market.

Some apps (such as Grindr and Hornet) are sex-oriented, other apps or websites (such as Planetromeo or are more open to friendship and relationships.

Boys are more direct online than offline and use abbreviations and ‘code language’ or ‘snake’ for ways you can have sex.

No matter how exciting and fun dating via the internet is, the disadvantage is that people can easily behave differently than they really are. Read on for good tips.

Milan and Rody make contact via an app while going out. That does not work out well. How would you tackle it?

Play First date on Can You Fix it and make sure the boys have a fun, first date.

Profile photos and chat

The perfect profile picture

Profile photos are the first (and often only) impression. Think about what impression you want to give.

  • Laugh! A smile is a good way to attract attention.
  • Provide good lighting. Focus your camera on your face and provide a calm background.
  • Attention must go to you.
  • An original opening

Read his profile text before sending a message. Make the conversation personal.

A (sincere!) Compliment is a good start. Only ‘hi’ is often not enough.

Keep your first messages short and clear. Messages that are too long or too well thought up are exaggerated.

Read your first messages again before you send them. You do not make a good impression by sending a message full of game or typing errors.

Careful with nude photos

It can be exciting to send exciting (nude) photos or videos of yourself, but there is always a risk that someone will make your photos public.

Make sure that you are not recognizable and never with your face on spicy photos or videos.

Dave has an exciting flirtation.

The other asks him if he wants to show himself on the webcam.

That does not work out well.

Play Coming Out on Can You Fix It? and make sure flirting stays safe for Dave.


Realistic expectations

On his profile photo or in the conversation someone can come across as nice: in real life he can be very different.

If you encounter your date in real life, you will never feel compelled to continue because you have agreed with each other.

Give in a friendly way that you do not want to go any further.

Discuss your expectations!

Before you meet with someone, discuss what you are going to do.

Are you looking for a loose sex date and he goes to a casual evening, or the other way around? You can better discover this in advance than if you have already agreed.

Check what he means by certain words. Internet dating has its own code language, with many English abbreviations and terms.

The abbreviation ff can for example stand for smooth (for a while), but also for fistfucks (fists).

Keep it safe – Arrange safely

Do not immediately speak to someone at home, but first meet each other in a bar or in a neutral place.

Especially if you doubt or are not sure if you want to have sex with him.
If you invite someone, store valuables such as your passport in a safe place.

Keep your head there

Do you offer someone a drink? Watch if he could have done something in your drink.

Do not use dating apps if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The chance that you will regret afterwards of sending photos or a date is much larger.

Do not be rushed

Follow your feelings.

If you feel uncomfortable with something, the golden rule is: do not do it!

Experimenting with new things is fun and exciting, but never be pressured. Do not do things that you do not want.

This way you will avoid regret afterwards.

That someone wants to meet you right away is a lot of fun. But do not be fooled by your conversation partner.

If he really wants to meet you, you can do that at a later time.

Often boys or men on dating apps want to know what you are looking for.

Usually this is about sex. Are not you sure whether you want sex or what kind of sex? Make this clear! Do not let yourself be persuaded.

Stay independent

Always carry your phone and charger with you. Your smartphone’s battery runs out faster when you use dating apps.

Time flies when it’s fun. Before you set off, check how you get back home. Check in advance to what time public transport is going.

Make sure you are not dependent on him to come home.

Are you the only gay in the village?

Do you live with onlye a few (gay) inhabitants?

Turn off your GPS location in the app settings.

The advantage is that people can not accurately find your location on the meter.

Gay pages from well known dating sites

Besides the general dating sites there are also special sites for gay dating, for both ladies and gentlemen of course.

Some known dating sites have a separate website for gay dating, such as Parship.

They have a separate website for gays, namely

Here you can sign up for free as with most websites for dating.

But as soon as you actually want to have contact with another participant you have to pay for it.

The problem with this website is that you can not look around until you have logged in.

You must enter your e-mail address and a password to be able to log in.

parship focuses on higher educated people, and that also applies to gayParship.

Gay-EliteDating and GayLexa

parship is not the only dating site that has set up a separate website for gay dating.

EliteDating and lexa also have a special website for people who are looking for a partner or date of the same sex.

The websites work the same as the straight variant of these well-known dating services.

Of course you can also register as a gay person on the normal site and indicate in your preferences that you are looking for a partner of the same sex, but on the gay variants this is immediately clear and that prevents mistakes.

Grindr App

One of the most famous apps for gay and bisexual men is Grindr.

Because this is an app you can use it on your tablet or your smartphone.

It is a simple and low-threshold way to get in touch with gay men.

Grindr is by far the most popular dating app for gay men and now has around 4 million users.

Grindr now exists for 7 years and is still popular among gay men.

The risks of online gay dating

online dating has risks, but these are no different than at hetero sites.

You run the chance to encounter ‘wrong’ when you make contact via the internet.

If you agree with a date in a remote location, this opportunity is of course a bit bigger. But when you want to make secret contact with someone of the same sex, you often do not get out of it.

Try to find out as much as possible about the other person before you arrange so that you know as best as possible who you are dealing with.

Make sure you can abort the date if necessary and leave again.

Do you want to try GayParship?

Sign up for free and start today with online gay dating!

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Amsterdam Gay Pride

The Amsterdam Gay Pride is a festive event with a gay culture.

It has been held annually since 1996 during the first weekend of August in the city center of Amsterdam.

Contrary to what the name suggests, this event did not originally have the demonstrative protest character of the Gay Pride Parades elsewhere in the world.

The Dutch equivalent of this is the annual Pink Saturday which usually takes place at the end of June or the beginning of July in a different Dutch city.

The highlight of the Amsterdam Gay Pride is the Canal Parade, a colorful parade of boats sailing through the canals on the first Saturday of August, usually from the Westerdok via the Prinsengracht, Amstel, Zwanenburgwal and Oudeschans to the Oosterdok.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors end up at this event, making it one of the busiest public events in the Netherlands.

>> Hotel Guide and Things To Do In Amsterdam for Gay Pride Home | Download Our Free dating site Guide and Tips


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