Karan Wahi makes his digital debut as the host of MX Original Series Love OK Please!

~ A unique reality show that questions whether love will stand the test of travel ~

The show streams for free starting March 25, 2019 only on MX Player India’s leading streaming platform

4 single boys, 4 single girls and the possibility of finding love while on the go! MX Original Series – `Love Ok Please` explores what happens when 8 single and ready to mingle travel enthusiasts set out on an epic road trip across the picturesque Himachal Pradesh on the quest to find love. This travel reality show will stream for free on MX Player, which is the latest entrant in the OTT ecosystem. It offers viewers top grade offline video playing capabilities, an online streaming library cutting across genres & languages as well as audio music – all on the same platform. This first of its kind social experiment marks the digital debut of heartthrob Karan Wahi as the host, who is also an avid traveler himself. The 12-episode series will stream in two parts, the first 6 episodes drop on 25 March 2019 while the second bundle of 6 episodes will stream one week later starting 1st April onwards.

Speaking about the same, Karan Wahi said, `This is a show that clubs two things that I think everyone should have in life – travel and love. There are many reality shows to choose from but ours offers strangers a chance to find a spark and maybe fall in love while on the road. Travel enables you to realise so many unseen facets of your partner and this is exactly what the show is about – single companions on a journey with a possibility of love! I think finding love while travelling is a great idea and I’m glad to be a part of this unique format.`

On being asked what does he see when he arrives at a new destination, Karan said, “The first thing I do when I reach the place that I have booked is that I check out the gym if there is one. Fitness is a part of me, so even if I am on a holiday it’s just embedded within me. The other thing I love to do is enjoy the room and I make sure I spend some time there too. That’s also cause if I have booked a room with a view, I should be giving it time.”

The 8 travelers have been auditioned from different walks of life who are travel enthusiasts and open to finding love on a 10-day trip. Shot in Himachal Pradesh, the contestants along with Karan started at Dharamsala before making their way to Palampur, Kullu and Manali. Along the journey, they were given tasks that strengthen their bond based on local customs and traditions that are representative of the locale. Be it conquering their fear and experiencing the joy of paragliding at Bir Billing, trying the local drink of Kullu, living in a local’s home, trying their hand at the Nati dance or understanding each other during an intense task at Van Vihar in Manali – the contestants were constantly challenged with activities that test their chemistry, compatibility, attraction and communication. As the host, Karan plays cupid and mentor to these contestants while issuing the challenges/ rewarding them with unique dating experiences on a larger than life canvas. He also gives viewers a glimpse of all the destinations with an added extra dose of trivia about each location.

So, will love stand the test of travel? Will 8 strangers when asked to travel together spark romance?

Starting 25 March, let’s embark on this journey of love with travel as its backdrop – only on MX Player!


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