South Charm: Shep Rose و Austen Kroll در فینال فصل شش به دوستی خود در Stag Party پایان می دهند


Shep Rose and Austen Kroll walked away from their friendship during the season six finale Wednesday of Southern Charm.

The episode titled White Gloves Off centered around a cocktail Stag Party hosted by socialite Patricia Altschul, 78.

Shep, 39, brought as his date Chelsea Scott who was one of the two women shown in a threesome video with Austen, 32, as his girlfriend Madison LeCroy walked in on them.

Season finale: Shep Rose after falling out with Austen Kroll brought two women from his threesome video to a Stag Party on Wednesday’s season finale of Southern Charm

Austen was forewarned about Shep’s date and called Madison to tell her who Shep was planning to bring.

‘What a s***ty f***ing person,’ Madison said.

Madison said she wasn’t surprised by Shep’s antics.

‘He’s a s*** person and this just goes to show you,’ Madison added.

Petty move: Austen accused Shep of being ‘petty’ by bringing the women to the party 

Craig Conover, 30, at Shep’s urging brought the other woman in the video, Michelle, as his date.

‘This is a total f***in’ ambush,’ Austen told Madison upon seeing both of the women from the video at the party.

Craig while greeting Austen at the event told Kathryn Dennis, 28, how he and Shep brought the two girls from the video to the party.

Party date: Chelsea Scott who appeared in Austen’s video that threatened his relationship with Madison LeCroy arrived as with Shep as his date

Second woman: Craig Conover at Shep’s urging also brought the other woman in the infamous video, Michelle, to the Stag Party

United front: Austen whispered to girlfriend Madison that they were in a ‘total f***in’ ambush’ planned by Shep

‘You did? You d***,’ Kathryn told Craig.

Austen took Craig aside and pointedly told him he was being used as a pawn by Shep.

‘I’m kind of am being an a**hole, I guess. I don’t really care about taking that big of a swing at Austen and Madison and now I feel bad for everyone involved,’ Craig said in a confessional.

Pawn piece: Craig was told by Austen that he was being used as a pawn by Shep

Felt bad: The pillow maker in a confessional admitted that he was being ‘kind of an a**hole’ and felt bad for everyone involved

Shep meanwhile was talking to Cameran Eubanks, 35, outside and admitted that he no longer valued his friendship with Austen.

Cameran asked Shep if he was jealous because Austen was in love.

‘Yeah, he’s a really lucky man. I’ll tell you that much,’ Shep said laughing. ‘If I could only find myself a Madison. Are you f***ing nuts?’

No value: Shep told Cameran Eubanks outside that he no longer valued his friendship with Austen and mocked his relationship with Madison

Fancy party: The Stag Party featured  a contortionist and live music

New boyfriend: Kathryn Dennis brought her new musician boyfriend Hunter Price to the bash

Madison at the party spoke with Danni Baird and apologized for saying on their group ski trip that Shep gave her a sexually transmitted disease. 

Austen later spoke to Shep who said he thought bringing Chelsea Scott as his date would be ‘funny’.

‘It was a blatant white glove off slap in my face to try and get a f***ing rise out of me and you know that it was,’ Austen said.

Apology offered: Madison apologized to Danni Baird for blurting out during their Colorado ski trip that Shep gave her chlamydia, which they both denied

‘Yeah,’ Shep agreed.

‘Dude, how petty. I never thought I would use that word to describe you ever. How f***ing truly petty that you are right now,’ Austen said.

Shep admitted that it was a ‘little snippy and bad’ but said he wouldn’t die on the cross for Austen.

‘This friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit you, pal,’ Austen said in a confessional.

Glove off: Austen described Shep’s actions as a ‘white glove off slap in my face’ and he agreed that was his intent

Madison then had her own session with Shep and apologized for blurting out the false claim that he gave their friend Danni chlamydia.

She told Shep that Austen valued their friendship and Shep responded that he didn’t care about Austen’s feelings.

Madison reminded Shep that he called her ‘white trash’ and said she was not going to let him say bad things about her anymore.

Straight talk: Madison had her own conversation with Shep and said she wasn’t going to accept his behavior and would look out for Austen

‘I don’t give a f***,’ Shep said.

‘Do you want to be alone? Because that’s how it seems you just write people off,’ Madison told him before they went their separate ways.

It wasn’t the only drama at the party as Ashley Jacobs, 34, attempted to crash the bash in an attempt to confront and embarrass Patricia.

Good question: Ashley Jacobs earlier asked Eliza Limehouse where Patricia was holding her party as she intended to crash it

Bathroom work: Naomie Olinda caught up with her mother Carole who helped with her daughter’s bathroom renovation

Patricia, however, was ready and hired private security Mr. Kale for the party.

Ashley made jaws drop as she walked in and greeted Patricia who gave a slight nod to Mr. Kale prompting him to make a bee line toward them.

‘Have you met Mr. Kale, here?,’ Patricia asked.

Private security: Ashley crashed the bash but Patricia Altschul was ready with private security Mr. Kale

‘No,’ Ashley responded.

‘I’m gonna ask you to leave, Ashley,’ Mr. Kale said grabbing her arm to escort her out.

‘Patricia, I know what you did and the truth will come out,’ Ashley said while being ushered out.

Early exit: Mr. Kale after getting a nod from Patricia made a bee line toward them and asked Ashley to leave

‘You don’t have to push me. You don’t have to push me,’ she told the security guard.

Ashley once outside immediately called her ex and former show cast member Thomas Ravenel, 56, to complain of being manhandled while being forced out.

‘That was the best money I’ve ever spent,’ Patricia was overheard saying.

An update from a month later showed that Ashley had moved back to California and had a new best friend in the form of former Southern Charm star Landon Clements, 37.

Southern Charm debuted on Bravo in March 2014. 

Best money: Patricia was overheard saying that hiring Mr Kale was the best money she’d ever spent after he escorted Ashley out of the party


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